A downloadable game for Windows


Game made by:
- Diogo Sénico
- João Zeferino

XpWar it's an adventure war game that happens in a desert fortess and that has references to our Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science.

The objective of the game is to collect enough experience from the chests spreaded through the map and deliver that experience to the ring near the spawn.

The game ends when you fill the top experience bar.

The chests are spread in hidden places on the map and a few of them only are accessible if you go to the character view and make your way through.

Collecting chest experience will fill your experience inventory, so stay alert and return to the spawn when your inventory is filled.

Thought the game you need to also protect the map points that are gonna be attacked by other tanks, but don't worry, if you collect enough experience you can purchase Point Health in the store

You have also the help of power ups to win the game and stay alive.

Install instructions

After downloading the .rar unpack and run the xpwar.exe



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